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1st February 2014

Dirty Dozen Backyard Jam

This weekend I traveled down to Doug Spence’s house to try my hand at his mini...

20th January 2014

The Fan Dance

On Saturday I took part in my first race of 2014: The Fan Dance Race… Last...

10th November 2013

Survival of the Fittest

This weekend was my last scheduled race of the year and once again it was a...

27th October 2013

The London Spartan Beast

The Spartan Beast obstacle race is the grand finale of the UK Spartan season. Spartan have...

20th October 2013

Original Mountain Marathon

To take part in a mountain marathon has been something I have wanted to do for...

7th October 2013

Red Bull Steeplechase

Held in the Peak District this was a fell race with a fun knockout format where...

30th September 2013

London City Race

On Sunday the 22nd of September I took part in the London City (Orienteering) Race. Though...

29th September 2013

Warrior Adrenaline Race

On Saturday I took part in my first W.A.R. obstacle race event. Held in Dunstable Downs...

15th September 2013


The TelemarkHelten race series is in honour of “The Heroes of Telemark” – a Norwegian resistance...

2nd September 2013

The Nuts Challenge

On Sunday I took part in The Nuts Challenge ( – in my opinion one of...

26th August 2013

The Viking Race

On Saturday the 24th of August I took the opportunity to travel to Norway and take...

21st June 2013

The Death Race

I guess I will start with a thank you to everyone who has been supporting me....

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