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24th October 2019

Skyrunning World Series 2019

Skyrunning has been going through some changes over the past years. Before there were three world series...

21st October 2019

Limone Skymasters

Limone was my first Skyrace and for a long time has represented the most intense and competitive...

5th August 2019

Tromsø Skyrace 2019 

Tromsø Skyrace was the first Skyrace in the World Series that I managed to win and has been the mountain event...

1st August 2019

Buff Epic Trail 2019

The next stop on my skyrunning season was Buff Epic in the Pyrenees, a “supersky” race in...

21st May 2019


Transvulcania is one of those classic races I have heard so much about but have never managed...

24th April 2019

Mt Awa Skyrace

Winter for me consists of very little racing but masses of training. I have found that this...

16th September 2018

Skyrunning Ultra World Championships

For years I have needed to correct people who call me a Skyrunning World Champion. Before last...

7th August 2018

Tromsø Skyrace 2018

Tromsø Skyrace is unlike any other mountain race I have ever done. The route is planned with no nonsense...

28th July 2018

Scafell Skyrace

Henriette was always entered for the Scafell Skyrace…I was always siting on the fence. It was going...

6th June 2018

Ultra SkyMarathon Madeira

I ran the USM last year and have since told many people that it is one of...

23rd October 2017

2017 Skyrunning overall world series

Although this would have gone largely unnoticed, whilst competing in the OCR World Championships an equally important...

20th September 2017

Glen Coe Skyline 2017

Glen Coe Skyline was set to be by 5th and last skyrace of the season. It’s been...

28th August 2017

Matterhorn Ultraks

Matterhorn Ultraks wasn’t part of my initial plan at the beginning of the year, difficulties in traveling...

5th June 2017

Ultra Skymarathon Madeira

Flying directly from Northern Spain to the island of Madeira my legs felt far from ideal. I’d...

30th May 2017

Zegama – Aizkorri

I have heard many stories about how amazing to run the Zegama-Aizkorri Marathon is. Most tell of the fantastic people,...

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