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6th December 2021

Spartan WC 2021

The Spartan World Championships in Abu Dhabi was going to be a very different affair to the...

20th September 2021

Spartan European Championships 2021

The 2021 Spartan Race European Championships in Verbier would mark almost 2 years since my last obstacle...

21st October 2019

OCRWC Classic Course

The 15km is known for being more my sort of thing than the 3km but in 2018...

13th October 2019

OCRWC Short Course         

Once again the Obstacle Racing World Championships rolled around. It has been six years since the first...

4th October 2019

Spartan Race World Championships 2019

This would be my 4th time returning to Lake Tahoe for the Spartan Race World Championships and...

3rd July 2019

Spartan Race European Championships 2019

Obstacle racing as a competitive sport has been developing for a few years now, but it still...

19th June 2019

OCR Series World Final

The OCR Series is something I have never taken part in. I have never even done a...

12th December 2018

Spartan Ultra World Championships

Spartan Ultra World Championships was categorically going to be my last race of the season. This 24-hour...

3rd December 2018

Spartan Race Ultra Malaysia

In order to officially qualify to race in the Spartan Race Ultra World Championships I was required...

6th November 2018

Spartan Trifecta World Championships

My 2018 season officially ended after the OCRWC. The OMM was a fun event that I planned...

30th October 2018

The OCR World Championships 3km & 15km 

The 2018 OCRWC was due to be like no other I have experienced before. Much was going to...

30th September 2018

Spartan World Championships 2018

The Spartan Race World Championships is for many (especially in the USA) regarded as the most competitive...

27th September 2018

Tougher Mudder World Championships

At the beginning of the year I hadn’t planned to travel to the USA to race, but...

7th September 2018

Toughest Oslo

After three years of taking part in and winning the Toughest Tour, 2018 has seen me take...

1st September 2018

OCRA Polish Championships

Sometimes I go to races because I want to challenge myself and race really hard, other times...

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