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15th November 2022

Trail Running World Championships

After skipping a year and then being delayed due to Covid, the Trail World Championships was...

1st September 2022


The CCC is a 100km route with 6000m of ascent starting from the Italian side of...

7th August 2022

Stranda Fjord Trail Race

To race Stranda Fjord Trail Race was never part of the plan. I even went to...

28th June 2022

Marathon du Mont Blanc

I was heading into Marathon du Mont Blanc with the mindset that it would be the...

4th June 2022

Maxi Marathon Race

After a long winter skiing and training it was finally time to put on a bib...

25th December 2021

2021 Season Summary

The 2021 season started with many doubts. With no racing at all in 2020, and a...

6th December 2021

Spartan WC 2021

The Spartan World Championships in Abu Dhabi was going to be a very different affair to...

27th October 2021

Le Grand Trail des Templiers

2021 has been about experiencing races I haven’t done before but have heard so much about....

7th October 2021

Marato Pirineu

When my wife informed me that she would be running Ultra Pirineu (a 100 km race...

20th September 2021

Spartan European Championships 2021

The 2021 Spartan Race European Championships in Verbier would mark almost 2 years since my last...

28th August 2021


It is a funny thing, thinking you have trained better than ever but knowing that training...

11th August 2021

Åre Fjellmaraton

Almost two years since my last proper running race and much has changed for me. The...

18th November 2019

Mountain Running World Championships

My plan for the last race of the year could have swung one of two ways,...

24th October 2019

Skyrunning World Series 2019

Skyrunning has been going through some changes over the past years. Before there were three world...

21st October 2019

Limone Skymasters

Limone was my first Skyrace and for a long time has represented the most intense and...

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