Online Coaching

Since January 2020 Jon has been training and coaching individuals across the world to reach their athletic potential in obstacle course racing, trail and mountain running.

Are you seeking a sustainable and holistic training program that integrates strength and mobility alongside running workouts? Are you ready and motivated to take your performance to the next level with Jon’s help and guidance?

Go ahead and fill out the intake questionnaire or drop him an email with any questions you may have.

How it works

Initial athlete questionnaire, fitness assessment and conversation to map your training background.

A unique training program tailored to your needs and athletic goals. Your training plan will be received in regular training blocks via an online platform, meaning no confusing spreadsheets or PDFs.

Regular video content where Jon shares in-depth training tips and advice.

Close coach-athlete communication and collaboration:

  • Coach feedback after key workouts (2-3 times a week)
  • Unlimited chat communication so you can get quick answers to all of your training, nutrition and gear questions
  • 1:1 coaching conversations to analyse and review your performance
  • Race-specific guidance prior to important events or personal projects

Fixed monthly fee of 265 EUR / 300 USD.

3-months minimum duration.

Open to all levels of experience.


“It’s no surprise that Jon Albon has a massive warehouse of experience and knowledge when it comes to skyrunning, trail running and OCR. But beyond that, the training plans he creates are highly personalized and fun. Jon posts lots of useful videos and is readily available for consultation and questions. Maybe even more importantly, he’s consistently supportive and positive, which is a huge advantage when tackling challenging new training. The net result is that despite years of training, I’ve never felt more energized or progressed so much in so many areas. I honestly feel incredibly fortunate to train with Jon.”

“After working together with Jon for 5 months I’m now in better shape than ever before. I’m faster, stronger and an overall better athlete. I have a lot more knowledge about programming, different workouts and their purpose, periodization and how to design a good program. What I found especially valuable with Jon’s approach is the adjustments made to the program to fit me and my need, all depending on my current status, when the coming races are etc. I can strongly recommend Jon as a coach.”

“Jon Albon is the kind of coach that will teach you how to fish so you can eat for a lifetime vs the coach who just catches you a fish. Jon gave me the tools and continues to give me the tools to succeed at the highest level.”

“Jon has helped me to more fully understand the power of cross training and how to incorporate it into my training plan. This has been greatly helpful for a runner like me that has never had the biggest mileage history.”

“It was not only the training plan which was of benefit but all the tips and advice along the way which made the difference. Having spoken with friends who have done remote coaching programs, they have been disappointed with the generic nature of their plans. However, your program was personalised to my needs, ability and available time.”

Meet Jon

Jon grew up near London and worked as a building surveyor in his early twenties. With no background in athletics, he was never meant to become a professional athlete. Yet in the past years, he has won multiple world titles in obstacle course racing (OCR), trail and skyrunning. All whilst being self-coached.

A few of Jon’s results:

1st – OCR World Championships (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

1st – Spartan World Championships (2014, 2018)

1st – Trail World Championships (2019)

1st – Ultra Skyrunning World Championships (2018)

1st – Overall Skyrunner World Series (2017)

Jon has always published his training through Strava, citing his desire to make everyone better rather than hold back key sessions and activities that could help others improve. He is now taking this mission one step further, seeking to pass along the skills and knowledge gained from a decade of training and racing by offering private 1:1 online coaching.

At the centre of his coaching philosophy is the idea that training must be sustainable and match the individual, which in turn requires the athlete to better understand how to get the most out of their workouts and how their body responds to the training. Honest guidance from Jon combined with close collaboration between coach and athlete will help you discover a training regime better suited to your needs and athletic goals.

Obstacle Course Racing

“OCR is a relatively young sport and it is my belief that no athlete or coach has found the most effective way to train for it. I have been competing in obstacle racing for 10 years and have seen it change from a hypothermic ice-breaking sufferfest in the UK to the cleaner more technical international sport it is today. I have also won the majority of events along the way. If anyone has the experience and knowledge to help you reach your OCR goals, it’s me.”


“Growing up in Essex and working in London didn’t offer me the ideal training environment to become a skyrunner. Through not only hard work and dedication but thinking outside the box, I built the base making me the mountain runner I am today. Sure, I moved to Norway…but was already winning mountain and fell races before then. I believe it is possible to get strong and fast in the mountains without living near them and I can teach you how.”

Trail running

“For me, enjoyment has been the key to long-term success. Running smooth in natural terrain is a hard skill to master, but one that comes with far greater rewards. Not only will trail running make you a stronger and more resilient athlete, it will also allow you to explore new places and immerse yourself in nature.”


















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