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9th June 2014

Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

I have always wanted to take part in a fell race: on Sunday I got my...

The Northants Ultra 35 – Shires & Spires

At the weekend I completed my first ultra marathon: The Northants Ultra 35 – Shires &...

26th May 2014

RedBull 400

With RedBull being renowned for holding some of the most extreme sporting events around, it came...

22nd May 2014

Dirty Dozen – South west

Back in April I took part in my first Dirty Dozen Race. It was one of...

12th May 2014

Nuclear Rush

…continued from Dirty Weekend. On awaking, eating whatever I could get my hands on and walking...

11th May 2014

Rat Race Dirty Weekend

The Rat Race Dirty Weekend is billed as the longest assault course in the world. At...

27th April 2014

Judgement Day

Saturday was Judgement Day. It was the first event from the organisers and much anticipated; with...

14th April 2014

London Marathon

When I completed The London marathon for the first time last year I was sure the...

6th April 2014

Dirty Dozen Race

This weekend I took part in my first Dirty Dozen (DD) Race. I was very much...

30th March 2014


At a loose end for what to do at the weekend I found myself organising a...

16th March 2014

Rock Solid Race

Rock Solid was my first middle distance OCR of the year. At 10km, speed was going...

3rd March 2014

The Nuts Challenge

The Nuts Challenge is a 7km assault course where competitors have the option of 1, 2,...

1st February 2014

Dirty Dozen Backyard Jam

This weekend I traveled down to Doug Spence’s house to try my hand at his mini...

20th January 2014

The Fan Dance

On Saturday I took part in my first race of 2014: The Fan Dance Race… Last...

10th November 2013

Survival of the Fittest

This weekend was my last scheduled race of the year and once again it was a...

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