Tougher Mudder European Championships
19th July 2018

Categories: Obstacle Race

My second obstacle race of the year and my first Tough Mudder, ever. When I was asked at registration how many Tough Mudders I have done, I got some curios looks when I said none, unless the 24 hour or 8 hour Enduro versions counted?

I had never considered a standard Tough Mudder event as a race. I usually referred to them as fun things you do with your friends helping each other around, usually with beer in hand. When I found out that the ‘Tougher Mudder European Championships’ was a thing, I was certainly curious. It was scheduled for the same day as the Spartan European Championships in France but I had written of all competitions that day due to my brother’s wedding. That was until I found out that the wedding wasn’t till 1400 and the start of the race was at 0800… a 2.5 drive separated the two so before I knew it I was calculating what my buffer would be. I was in.

Obstacles races take many shapes and forms, so I was excited to see what racing around a Tough Mudder course would be like. Tough Mudders don’t usually have that many obstacles but the ones they do have are big, well thought out and usually fun. 8-10 miles of running would mean the obstacles would be pretty spread apart, but the lack of hills would mean fast running making them seem closer together. After the previous weekends race it would be nice to stop thinking about what a federated championship course should be like and just enjoy what Tough Mudder create primarily for the masses.

The spread of good athletes between the Tough Mudder and the Spartan race was slightly annoying but this wasn’t something I was concentrating on as we took the start line. I just wanted to enjoy myself and run fast hoping this would be enough to win and make the wedding.

As it turned out it was. I spun my legs on the running sections between the obstacles, crawled climbed or swung my way through the obstacles and relished the dunks into water considering the near 30 degree heat. With Henriette also finishing in first just 10 minutes behind we were soon in the car speeding our way east making it back with enough time for a shower.

Holidaying in Wales and the Lakes would be next on the menu…and possibly a cheeky skyrace while I was up there.

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  1. Chris says:

    Still waiting for my 10%

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