2017 Kit

I am getting many questions about what kit I use for both obstacle and skyraces…hopefully this short blog answers some of them. I may get some stick from people telling me this is a shameful plug for sponsors but considering I only accept support from companies that make products I truly love I can honestly say I would be recommending these products either way.


Off trail

For all of trail running and obstacle races I use the VJ Irocks. In short, thanks to an amazing lug design and the most expensive rubber going they offer the best grip of any shoe conceived. Luckily enough, the designers didn’t stop there and also made the Irocks the most comfortable and durable off trail trainer I know of…perfect.



If the race or training run is a little more hard packed ground I tend to go for VJ’s trail trainer, the VJ Amas. It has the same great rubber as the Irocks but a slightly less aggressive lug design.



Gore Apparel 

After many years flitting between different compression brands to supply me with clothing I have finally found a company that I am truly excited to represent and one that make products I truly love. Gore Apparel make not only amazing windproof and waterproof jackets but have everything you need for any sort of running. The thing I love most about their clothing is that the products are simple but highly effective, they are fit well and feel amazing. Gore also use the most advanced fabrics going to ensure the products perform far better than any others.

My current favourite is the fusion split shorts – http://www.goreapparel.co.uk/gore-running-wear/men/fusion-split-shorts/TSSULT.html?cgid=grw-men-geartype-shorts&start=9&dwvar_TSSULT_color=3599 and the active run jacket which is inconceivably waterproof for its weight http://www.goreapparel.com/gore-running-wear/men/one-gore-tex-active-run-jacket/JROFOR.html?cgid=grw-men-geartype-jackets-jackets&start=2&dwvar_JROFOR_color=9900


If you have taken part in an obstacle race chances are you will have needed a Dryrobe. Having a Dryrobe solves many problems and can turn the post race war of getting warm, changed and recovered 1000 times easier.


Zone 3

It sounds like a strange thing to rely on but in the past I have taken part in many races where a wetsuit is a necessity and am sure there will be many more. I have settled on the Zone 3 Evolution swimrun suit as being the best. It offers amazing flexibility for running and doing obstacles as well as having extremely handy pockets on the inside and out for gels, safety equipment or batteries etc.



Clif bar

I have lost count of how many years Clif have been supporting me now. The main reason I love their products is the ethos of the company to make wholesome products which I actually see as food, instead of packaged chemicals. From gels, to bars, to liquid food they have everything I need, most of which is organic.

My favourite gel is the vanilla one. This is because most gels are overly sweet, this vanilla flavoured shot of energy is refreshingly different and I find I can handle eating it for longer than others.  http://www.clifbar.com/products/clif/shot-energy-gel/vanilla

My favourite CLIF bar is the classic chocolate chip, mainly because it tastes like cookies http://www.clifbar.com/products/clif/clif-bar/chocolate-chip



Garmin don’t sponsor me but I have been using a Garmin Fenix for a while now and it is still my absolute favourite. I have slowly learnt to use most of the functions and especially enjoy setting up interval sessions on it, using the heartrate alert and navigation functions.


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