Toughest Stockholm
7th June 2016

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After the flatness of Toughest Malmø I was looking forward to the course in Stockholm. The running would be undulating and through some great Swedish woods offering technical trail and off trail running, just my thing.

The course was that of two halves. The first 4km would be mostly technical running and the second would feature the majority of the ‘game changing obstacles’ with fast lanes, and a gigantic rope swing into a lake that I was especially looking forward too.

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Enjoying the technical running at the start I soon managed to open a lead on my main competition; David Nordstrom and Krister Sellman.

Confidence soon evaporated though as I got to the rig. Choosing the harder, faster, lane I struggled to move through, trying to skip the nunchucks and failing left me hanging like a wriggling worm a few time before I mustered the ability to move forward. Finally completing the thing I checked back to assess the damage. I still had a lead but wasn’t sure how much, I knew I couldn’t afford any more mistakes though.

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Confidence knocked I managed through the rest of the technical obstacles but still felt annoyed at myself.

At the massive rope swing I found I was exiting the water as Krister was grabbing his rope, I had maybe a minute and thought to myself ‘I have to ace the ramp’ which was notoriously hard in Stockholm due to the uphill approach. Thankfully I didn’t have a problem and was soon over the line.

Photo by (More pics on website). Creative Commons BY:SA:NC

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The next Toughest race won’t be for a few months until Oslo but my race calendar is completely packed till then with uphill races, skyraces, Spartan races and even a swim run. Wish me luck, especially with that last one!

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2 responses to “Toughest Stockholm”

  1. Anthony Day says:

    Well done Jon!

  2. René Reinholdt says:

    Well done Jon, but why are you not competing in the European OCR Championships?

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