Toughest Copenhagen
29th September 2015

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​Having now got the maximum of four events that score in the Toughest league, it wasn’t critical for me to attend Copenhagen. Toughest events are pretty fun though and I heard they had built the longest set of rings in the world…so I couldn’t resist. The race was set on a beach just between Copenhagen airport and the city center. This meant the course would feature a lot of sand and water…and very few hills.

I was feeling fresh when we started (considering my effort up Stoltzen the day before) but I wouldn’t know truly how my legs were until we got on to the energy sucking sand, of which 75% of the 8km course was planned on.

The start was fast as always and a quick succession of obstacles didn’t leave any opportunity to get out front. Within 600m we had done an ‘A’ frame net, sandbag carry, high jump, swim and step up logs. With these out the way some sand dune running let me open a lead but this I only managed to build to something like 50m by halfway.


This is where things got interesting, coming up to the flying monkey a combination of a lack of concentration and cloud reflecting of the second bar over the water meant I struggled to see it and overshot. The bar hit my wrists and I ended up falling to the water below…oh shit. The day seemed to be heading south. With no time to spare I started on the forfeit. This was about 300m of running and an under over obstacle in the water, so I had to fully submerge about 5 times jumping over something in between before I could give chase.

With this done I looked up to see I was still in second but something like 200m back, not a position I am used too. Pushing hard through the following hay bales and long rings I was barely gaining on him. I hadn’t seen him before and he was strong! To add insult to injury I was starting to feel hungry and my legs hollow. I was also running out of course to catch him! With just 2km to go I managed to pull up alongside him and noticed he was head to toe in inov-8 gear….now I had to beat him.


​The pressure was on and I couldn’t fail any of the final obstacles which included log hops, rope climb, traverse wall, rig, dragons back and the ramp.

I had already decided to take the normal lane through the traverse wall and was glad I did. The cliff hanger traverse fast lane had barely 1cm of depth to it! Through the easier lane fine and completing the under over and crawl as a forfeit for doing it I had a feeling my new found competition had failed the traverse and would now be completing a penalty. This left me some room to breathe and before I knew it I was up the final ramp and could start to relax.


​Not the effort I wanted to expend just 6 days before the Spartan World Championships but to have another top competitor taking on obstacle races is worth it. I look forward to racing Nikolaj Dam on some technical trails and hills to see how that plays out!

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