Spartan Race Sprint – Wales, UK
29th June 2015

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Spartan race in Wales was to serve two purposes for me at the weekend: the Super would allow me to race against my current competition in the UK and the Sprint would serve as part of my stag do where I got to have a lot of fun.

First up was the stag do Sprint. Dressed in a tutu, pink socks and a Tough Mudder headband I was handcuffed to a doll escorted round the course by some of the best friends a guy could ask for. The course was great with some really technical running and the usual Spartan obstacles. This lap gave me insight as to what I would be expected to complete as fast as possible in the afternoon as the Super turned into an extended version of the sprint with some extra loops.


In the afternoon it turned out that one of the extra loops on the Super was a sandbag carry no less than 3km long! This worked to my advantage it seemed as completing obstacles with the sandbag such as crawls and over unders gave me the opportunity to break away from James Appleton who I had been tailing with Ross Macdonald from the start of the race. This lead I managed to keep through to the end of the race, finally crossing the line in just under 1 hour.

I then got to watch my Fiancé cross the line in first to add to her victory in the sprint earlier in the morning. The rest of the weekend was filled with drinking, canyoneering, abseiling, mountain running and some more drinking. Thanks to Ross for organising a weekend of racing out of the ordinary!

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