The Spartan Cruise
17th March 2015

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Held on an island in the Bahamas called Great Stirrup Cay the Spartan cruise set off from Miami on Friday night with the race taking place Saturday morning. Boarding the boat it was clear the race was going to be fierce; many of the big names from the Spartan World Championships were present as well as many world class athletes from other sports such as climbers, free runners and ninja warriors!

Saturday morning came and as we took a small tender from the cruise ship to the island I was handed a map of the course which seemed to feature one thing more than anything else… swimming. Not my favourite discipline as some may recall from the Maldon Triathlon last year but at least the water was going to be far warmer (and cleaner) than that experience. It is for this reason I decided to just wear a pair of Tri shorts, loaned to me by Ross Macdonald, in a hope that cutting down on drag would help me through that bit quicker.

Looking around the island before we started I couldn’t help but feel no matter how the race goes this was going to be a good weekend. As relaxed as I was about it I still had a race plan and it was along the lines of trying to stick to my own pace and keeping my heart rate as low as possible – unlike in Australia where I didn’t give myself a chance to get going before trying for top gear. This tactic seemed to work well for me and within 2km of the 5km course I had clawed my way up next to Ryan Atkins fighting for first place. A tight technical section of running saw our other main competitors drop back but next up was the spear throw which again would shake everything up…Ryan missed his and mine (luckily) stuck in the side.


This put me in first and looking back over the next running section I was happy to see I had a 300m lead over Isaiah in second. Managing to maintain this lead with just a km to go I was feeling good. After disappointing myself in Australia it felt good to be performing something near where I should be. This feeling was short lived though as I ended up taking a wrong turn…after running for something like 300m down a road before turning back to find the correct route it was clear this was not going to be my day after all. I completed the rest of the obstacles without incident – eventually crossing the line in 4th.

I was disappointed but such is life and looking back on it there are far worse places to get lost than on an island in the Bahamas!

I have a short break now before my season starts in earnest in late April. I have updated my planned events as best I can which you can see here. Until then I am going to concentrate on training and enjoy some time back in my hometown!

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