Nuclear Rush
12th May 2014

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…continued from Dirty Weekend.

On awaking, eating whatever I could get my hands on and walking down to help the guys pack up the tents I found myself looking forward to Nuclear Rush. I had heard they had built some great Obstacles and always put on a good event. It is a 12km course held at the ‘Secret Nuclear Bunker’ in Essex. A qualifier for the world championships and with prize money available, this was going to be my second race in as many days.

Driving down I assessed how I was feeling and whether I was confident of beating the competition that was missing from Dirty Weekend the day before. Thomas Blank was entered as well as RPCC and a few others like Jason Brunnock. My energy levels were good, my legs felt fine (except for the skin after those nettles) and my spirits weren’t even dampened by the cold, windy, wet weather… it was going to be a good day.


On arrival I quickly got ready and was on the start line ready to rumble for 10 o’clock.

As a team we all like to take time out and do events like the majority of people, primarily for fun. This gives us the opportunity to actually take the time to fully enjoy each obstacle and have a laugh with friends. After a far heavier night than I, Ross and James decided to do just this at Nuclear.

Adam was coming up to race with fresh legs but had a slightly disappointing race after losing his way on the log carry… he didn’t seem too bummed though, as everything else about the event was so enjoyable.


After a fast start (thanks James) we all settled into our rhythms with Adam and me taking an early lead. Being a bit over keen we found, and went under, a net which wasn’t on our course (it was on the 6km course), realizing afterwards that the leading pack were shouting at us running off in the opposite direction I couldn’t help but laugh. Re-over taking Ross who was ‘on-a-jolly’ wearing a Ramones t-shirt made me laugh and I was leading again within a km. From then on I just enjoyed the course and the obstacles incident free, I got a bit cold in the later stages but finished the 12km in just over an hour, ahead of Thomas in second.

My little sister, Beth, managed another epic win, making this the second ‘1st place Albon dominated OCR’ of the year!


Chatting afterwards we all agreed Nuclear was an amazing event to both race or just complete. In fact everything about the event ticked all the boxes for me and I had a blast.

A highlight was the best OCR slide ever created, a zip line and the log carrying section which included going up a river under some nets! I couldn’t give the Monkey (Gorillas) Bars as much as they deserved, reaching about 10-15m I dropped and started negating the trench/mound jumping forfeit.

The entire course seemed really well thought out; Nuclear really did deliver with all the obstacles and some really interesting running sections.


An extremely enjoyable weekend and an epic way to finish the Winter/Spring OCR season. To top it off Pete from Mudstacle presented me with an amazing drinking tankard for winning the first ever Mudstacle league. The league really has been excellent and a massive step forward for OCR as a sport in the UK.


What a year is has been so far, with no real OCR’s booked in the foreseeable future I will be concentrating on some other challenges, like the Redbull 400 in two weeks and racing Ross in a triathlon at some point! I also have Survival Race: The Celts to train for, a 50km 20 hour challenge based race in Wales… should be interesting.

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