Judgement Day
27th April 2014

Categories: Obstacle Race

Saturday was Judgement Day. It was the first event from the organisers and much anticipated; with the majority of the course kept secret all we knew was that it would be roughly 10 miles, take place in an army training village and be extremely tough!

I was feeling quite good for the event and ready for anything they would throw at us. We got the feeling there would be a lot of carrying obstacles and my legs were feeling strong from cross-country skiing and snowshoeing the week before whilst on holiday. And the course did not disappoint! In total we must have been carrying, dragging or flipping something for about 4 of the 17km. The sandbag carry deserves a special mention: it must have weighed about 20kg and was to be carried for about a mile up and down hills…on the carry there was also a memory test, rope climb and ladder climb! There were loads of the usual obstacles like walls, hay bale vaults and barbed wire crawls as well as some novel ones, like climbing under a train carriage and through a helicopter cockpit.



Judgement Day was more of a challenge (no timing chips) but was still a race as far as the first wave was concerned. The start was fast but within a km we were already into the tyre carry, over 600m long, up and down a hill. This thinned the field out somewhat and I found myself leading, a position I held through to the end with Ross and Sam coming in joint second. It was a top performance from inov-8 OCR with Clare claiming first female, Adam taking 4th, James 5th and David 7th to add to Ross’s and my performance.


The course had a mixture of obstacles, carries and exercises all designed to wear you out before entering the FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas) village. For me this was the highlight of the race; the village is usually out of bounds to the general public and offered some truly unique obstacles…it is probably my favourite section of any OCR I have ever done. Having the chance to experience this is not something to pass up and I am already looking forward to the second Judgement Day where the organisers are hinting they will use far more of the village.


The next OCR on the calendar is the Dirty Weekend, a 20 mile course organised by Rat Race, followed the next day by Nuclear Rush a 12km course in Essex. May need a break after that weekend!

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