Dirty Dozen Race
6th April 2014

Categories: Obstacle Race

This weekend I took part in my first Dirty Dozen (DD) Race. I was very much looking forward to this 12km obstacle race, mainly because I had been hearing how good their inaugural event was last year and the fact that this was a qualifier for the ‘OCR World Championships’. Dirty Dozen have also announced they will be titling the winner of their September event as the ‘Obstacle Racing British Champion’.

The course was awesome and had a few new obstacles I hadn’t done before, including a traverse wall, some sloping monkey bars and an Irish table. These were joined by the usual suspects including cargo nets, water submersions, a fire jump, a tire drag, a log carry, walls, wire crawls… the list goes on. Even though the event was held on primarily flat ground, clever route planning continually had us either clambering up mounds, fording streams or dodging through wooded sections. One running section was even a lap of a motor-cross track!

With the flat terrain and the dry ground it looked to be a fast race as Doug, the event organizer, called the ‘Elites’ to the front of the first wave. There was definitely anticipation in the air as to how Doug was going to slow us down.

As we got started I found myself really enjoying the first running sections; the weather was warm, the sun shining and I felt comfortable with the pace we were setting. This soon changed after a few more obstacles when we got to the tyre drag… I could never have imagined how dragging a tyre through mud and water could be so different from over grass. It felt as if I was dragging a tractor tyre! I was leading heading into the drag, but by the end (after over a km) I had dropped a few places and was feeling a lot less fresh. It wasn’t until another good running section that I managed to pull back a comfortable lead allowing me to take the obstacles at my own pace.


Through the second half I felt fast and by the end I had built a 5 minute lead over Sam Cherry in second place and Ross in third. Also worth mentioning my little sister who smashed round to take first out of the ladies – even after having to complete Burpees at both the Irish table and the final wall for not being able to complete them alone!

It was a great event and I look forward to returning in September, especially as the plan will be to complete all 3 distances (18, 12 & 6km) in one weekend. Next up is Judgment Day in a couple of weeks; I’m expecting this to be the toughest event of the year so far so check back to see how I get on.

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