Survival of the Fittest
10th November 2013

Categories: Obstacle Race

This weekend was my last scheduled race of the year and once again it was a race where I was defending my title having won the previous year…

The Survival of the Fittest race series works its way around the UK before the final race at Battersea Power Station, London. This was the final time the race would be held within the power station due to the development works that have already started.

It’s worth saying this is more of an urban obstacle course race, making the running extremely fast – so when coupled with some shorter distances than advertised this race can produce some extremely quick times. Last year I won with a time of 35 min 29 seconds.


‘Carry a keg’ obstacle

I wasn’t as confident as usual standing on the start line. I had heard there would be some very quick runners attending and once again I was up against Ross Macdonald (who needs no introduction – see past posts).

Once we got going I was feeling quite fast and settled into a good pace early on. I took the wrong turn in the first maze but still managed to pull out a lead over the running section in Battersea Park. I built on this lead through the final obstacles allowing me to haul myself over the final wall in first position.


Winning time of 33 minutes 40 seconds

With the day race won and only the shorter night race left Ross and I were determined to have a good time and finish the season off in style. During the day we found ourselves watching the rugby in a pub…I had a modest drink and Ross had, shall we say, a ‘few’ more…

After a swift jog to the train station and a rushed registration we made it onto the start line for the night race just in time. We had already discussed introducing our own ‘pint of beer obstacle’ as we were racing but I have to admit once we started racing I wasn’t looking forward to it…

I got into the beer tent about 45 seconds before Ross and started pathetically sipping my drink. Once Ross joined me I could see he was serious, downing his much quicker! Nevertheless I managed to finish up 20 seconds before him.


The ‘extra’ obstacle

Having less in me than Ross definitely paid of for the final 2km; I felt pretty sick but after a big burp I was off again and managed to cross the line first.

What a day and with my title defended (for now) we took full advantage of the beer tent…

I haven’t got another race until the Fan Dance in January but before then I have Christmas and the Norwegian Mountains in winter to look forward too!

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