London City Race
30th September 2013

Categories: Orienteering

On Sunday the 22nd of September I took part in the London City (Orienteering) Race. Though usually held in the central London area this year’s race took place on the Isle of Dogs…

Orienteering is traditionally a sport where you run in a forest with a map navigating between checkpoints using an electronic device to record your “presence” at each checkpoint. In urban races, like the London City Race, orienteering is done in an urban environment with a lot of checkpoints and route choices down narrow alleys etc.


The race went well and I achieved my best result in the 3 years I have attended the event – coming 8th in the Men’s Elite class. I was kicking myself about a couple of route choices but that always seems to happen in orienteering!

I find orienteering to be a great sport as, like obstacle racing, it makes running a lot more interesting – in this case testing your mind as much as your legs.


Section of map with my route choice show in red

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